• DRA. ADRIANA CASTEJÓN especialista en implantología en Sonríe, tu clínica dental en Barcelona


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She is a specialist in Oral Implantology and Prosthetics at the University of Barcelona, Spain. She gained her Dentistry Degree from the Central University of Venezuela.

Enthusiastic about her speciality, she is constantly refreshing her training to keep herself at the cutting edge of dental implants and advanced surgical techniques, such as maxillary sinus floor augmentation, grafting, bone regeneration, etc. Her role in prosthetic rehabilitation is to design and adapt prosthesis on both implants and natural teeth using the CAD-CAM system.

She has become a fantastic professional with a wealth of experience in the field due to her passion and tremendous talent for dental aesthetics. Her unending devotion to oral and functional rehabilitation means she is constantly working on research and development to discover new technological advances in cosmetic restoration dentistry.