Ana. Ana had Premolars extracted (four back teeth) and retraction with Bone Microscrews in order to align her teeth correctly.

Xavi. An adult patient with a palatine lateral incisor, which was moved back to its forward position using Sapphire Orthodontics, achieving an impressive smile without affecting his day to day activities as a teacher.

Diego. The Self-ligating Orthodontics system was the best option to achieve the right smile width for Diego, and his treatment was also completed in a record 14 months.

Carlota. Her imperative need for aesthetics during her treatment meant we used Invisible Orthodontics, and we created this teenager’s ideal smile with simple aligners progressively over the months.

Jaime. Jaime was a bigger challenge, as his two canines were in the palate, and they were set in their position through a small microsurgical intervention and Lingual Orthodontics, creating the ideal smile.

Sergi. The urgency for an immediate, radical change in Sergi’s smile led us to employ the ideal treatment, Componeer veneers, true Dental aesthetics.